Jack 27 Any pronouns Seattle, WA

Self-taught multimedia artist specializing in character design, illustration, and worldbuilding. My favorite things to draw are monsters, animals, landscapes, and fantasy themes.

tools I use:
- ipad pro 2020 12.9in
- procreate
- huion kamvas GT-191
- paint tool SAI2

forestfrightart @ gmail.com

Art is my full-time job.
If you enjoy my work, consider supporting me on ko-fi and joining my server!


All members have access to the #public channels
I post finished artworks & open adoptables/commission slots!

Consider supporting me on ko-fi!

Supporters get more channels to full-res artworks, WIPs/previews, get first dibs on commissions/adoptables, ask questions, chat, share their art/OCs, and advertise!


Public commissions are closed.
All openings are posted on my discord server. Slots are first available to Ko-fi supporters then remaining ones open to the #public-sales channel after a set date.

(Please understand, I don't often open in general due to personal reasons.)

All prices are base prices listed in USD.
There may be additional charges based on complexity.
I reserve the right to decline any commission request.
Please read my TOS.

CHARACTER ILLUSTRATIONS "Flat color" includes lining and coloring, "Shaded" includes rendering, and "Scene" includes full rendering and background.I specialize in fantasy creatures, monsters, animals, and anthro characters!


  • Flat color - $50

  • Shaded - $90

  • Scene - $120



  • Flat color - $90

  • Shaded - $125

  • Scene - $195



  • Flat color - $180

  • Shaded - $280

  • Scene - $450

examples (more are pending)

Custom Character Designs

At this time, these are not available until I have an updated process for this type of commission.
(Pricing for these varies between $200-$400, depending on subject matter )

Commission Terms of Service

By commissioning ForestFright, you agree to these terms.
Failure to abide may result in cancellation of the commission / blacklisting.
Contact if you have questions.


  • Client must be 18+ for transactions.

  • The artist reserves the right to decline or cancel the commission for any reason.


  • Work will only begin once full payment has been received.

  • Payments are in USD only. Paypal preferred, but Stripe is accepted if discussed.

  • Refunds are determined on a case-by-case basis, I will not refund complete or nearly-completed work.

  • Full refund can be requested if no work has been started after roughly 1 month.


  • For illustrative work: A sketch WIP will be sent by default. Once approved, the commission will be completed without further input from the client. If the client wishes to have other WIPs sent between then, they must request these beforehand.

  • For character design work: A sketch and colored WIP is sent by default.

  • Requesting large, time-consuming edits that were not present on the ref/information provided beforehand may be declined or require additional charge.


  • As the artist, I retain all rights to my artwork and the client is required to credit.

  • Commissioned artwork is for personal-use only. The artwork may not be used commercially.

  • My work may not be used in the practice of minting, NFTs, or cryptocurrency.

  • I generally do not provide PSD files of my work.


  • Generally, I'll draw most subject matter. I specialize in anthro/furry, creatures, monsters, horror, and fantasy themes. I'm open to drawing most species, but may decline to draw humanoids.

  • Under no exceptions, I will never accept commissions to depict racist, culturally appropriative, transphobic, homophobic, and/or themes of hate speech.

Adoptable Terms of Service

By purchasing a design created by ForestFright, you agree to these terms.
Contact if you have questions.

  • Buyer must be 18+ for transactions. Payments are USD only. (Paypal or Stripe)

  • Once a design is purchased, new owner may choose name, gender, make changes to the design, commission and/or create art of it (including but not limited to writing, fursuits, adult/kink art, and other related works)

  • As the artist, I retain all rights to my work. Crediting is required. The artwork may be slightly edited, please do not remove the watermark.

  • Crediting for the design itself is greatly appreciated, but not required.

  • The new owner cannot make duplicates/copies (i.e. closed/open species) of the character with the intention to resell for profit.

  • My artwork and character designs are for personal-use only. Commercial usage is not permitted unless a paid license is agreed upon by both parties.

  • My work may not be used in the practice of minting, NFTs, or cryptocurrency.

  • All sales are final. The design may be gifted, trades, or resold.

  • Reselling: price may only be increased from the original transaction amount if the design includes at least 1 additional piece of artwork/physical goods.

  • Designs received as a trade/gift cannot be sold unless discussed and agreed upon by all parties involved.


Adoptable Design Claim Form

Hello, thank you for your interest in my creations!
Your support helps a full-time disabled artist survive.
WIPs and completed designs are posted first for my ko-fi supporters on my discord server, then the remaining ones are posted to this form after a day or two.

Please read the following carefully before proceeding:

  • You must read & agree to my Terms of Service and be 18+

  • USD only. Paypal is preferred, Stripe may be discussed as an alternative.

  • If your claim is accepted - you'll be invoiced within 24 hours.

  • PNG file(s) are sent to the provided contact email once full payment is received.

  • Serious buyers only. Payment must be made within roughly 48 hours. (Please contact me if you are having issues with payment or need to cancel. Ghosting will result in a permanent blacklist.)