Jack 26 Seattle, WA

Call me Jack or Forest, I go by any pronouns.I'm a self-taught digital & traditional artist. I specialize in character/creature design & worldbuilding.I'm disabled & create art as a full-time job to survive. If you'd like to show your support, please consider buying me a ko-fi or joining my discord server membership!

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You can also find me on:

Terms of Service


  • Client must be 18+ no exceptions.

  • By commissioning ForestFright, the client must read and agree to these terms. Failure to abide may result in cancellation of the commission / blacklisting.

  • The artist reserves the right to decline or cancel the commission for any reason.


  • Work will only begin once full payment has been received.

  • Paypal USD accepted, Stripe may be discussed as an alternative.

  • Refunds are determined on a case-by-case basis, the artist will not refund complete or nearly-complete work.

  • Full refund can be requested if no work has been started after roughly 1 month.


  • By default, the artist will not send WIPs on illustration/scenery commissions unless requested by the client beforehand. A sketch is always sent for custom character designs.

  • Requesting large time-consuming edits that were not present on the ref/information provided beforehand may be declined or require additional charge.


  • ForestFright retains all rights to their artwork and the client is required to credit.

  • Commissioned artwork is for personal-use only. The artwork may not be used commercially, minted, or resold.

  • The artist does not provide un-watermarked versions or PSD files of commissions.


  • The artist specializes in drawing animals, furries/anthro, creatures/monsters, horror/body horror, transformation, and related content.

  • At this time the artist does not accept any NSFW / Kink-focused commissions. (Nudity / suggestive is fine - ask if unsure.)

  • The artist under no exceptions will never accept commissions to depict racist, culturally appropriative, transphobic, homophobic, and generally hateful themes.

Adoptable Terms of Service

By purchasing a design, you agree to these terms.
Please contact FF if you have any questions.


  • Client must be 18+ to purchase, no exceptions.

  • Once purchased, the new owner has full freedom to edit the design, create/commission art, fursuits, ect. (Adult/kink art is allowed)

  • FF retains all rights to their artwork and must be credited. The artwork may be slightly edited, but do not remove the watermark.

  • Crediting for the design itself is greatly appreciated but not required.

  • The new owner cannot make duplicates/copies (i.e. closed/open species) of the character with the intention to resell for profit. (Non-profit projects can be discussed)

  • Personal-use only. Commercial-use is not permitted unless a paid license is agreed upon by both parties.

  • FF's work may not be used in the practice of minting, NFTs, or cryptocurrency.


  • Paypal USD accepted, Stripe may be discussed as an alternative.

  • All sales are final. (If the client no longer wants to own the character, see below.)


  • Designs purchased from FF can be gifted, traded, and resold.

  • If reselling, price may only be increased from the original transaction amount if the design includes at least 1 additional piece of artwork/physical goods.

  • Designs received as a trade/gift cannot be sold unless agreed upon by FF and the original buyer who paid for it.

Digital Base Store

Here you can find my bases for sale!
They are PSD files and you can color them to make your own characters or adoptables.
If using these for profit, please consider tipping me!
Older bases that are in packs are no longer for sale individually, sorry.


  • Credit is required, do not remove my watermark or claim as your own work.

  • Can be used for adoptables & personal use, do not use for merchandise or NFTs.

  • You may edit the lines as desired.

  • Do not distribute or resell my bases.

  • All sales are final. Check file type & size before buying!


Adoptable Form


  • Client must read & agree to the artist's Terms of Service and be 18+.

  • Paypal USD accepted, Stripe may be discussed as an alternative.

  • Payment must be made within roughly 48 hours of claiming a design. Serious buyers only - please contact for cancellations.

  • The artist will invoice the provided email if the claim is accepted, once full payment is received the individual file(s) will be sent over to the contact email.

(Direct link to form is here)


Discord Server

Two ways to join! A free public version, or get more with a ko-fi membership starting at just $3 a month! Details below.


  • Low-res completed works

  • Sales like adoptables, YCHs, & commissions

  • No chat, just pings



  • 4+ years worth of past artwork + full-res images

  • Work-in-progress shots + previews of future creations

  • Exclusive art, doodles, and unfinished work not posted anywhere else

  • First dibs on sales like adoptables, YCHs, & commission openings

  • Chat, share your art/OCs, and advertise your own sales/commissions